Important Notice

I am not a financial advisor and will therefore not make investment portfolio recommendations of any kind or recommendations for specific products.

Instead, I share my personal experiences and knowledge on how to approach financial well-being easier and more successfully.

Achieve your financial goals faster by avoiding losing $100’000s on needless costs and risks!

Avoid My Mistakes

  • I started to invest seriously after my studies of mathematics at age 28. Much too late. Start as early as you can!
  • I thought investing a small amount like $25 a month starting at age 20 would not make a difference. Only from this you can get over $100’000 at age 65!
  • I did not understand most products and decided to get a mixed asset mutual Fund for a monthly savings of $250.
    • The fee of the Fund has been 1.25% per year. A more cost-effective product for 0.25% leads to an additional $100’000 at age 65.
    • A better approach to long-term risk management would make another $50’000 at age 65.
  • My broker did not charge fees in the first year and without me noticing the upfront fees suddenly increased. This can lead to unnecessary costs of $50’000.

In total I could have given away $300’000 in profits until my pension only from simple mistakes on quite small savings plans of $25 to $250.

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